personal wedding themes

This category includes wedding website templates created specifically for couples who want to create a personal website dedicated to their love story. These templates feature layouts that fit your needs perfectly, and they are meant for you to be able to represent this important day in a spectacular way that is going to “wow” all of your friends and family. Many various themes and templates are featured, from sweet and romantic to cool modern ones. Dig in and find your perfect template here!
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  • 30 HTML personal wedding templates
  • 7 Joomla personal wedding templates
  • 37 WordPress personal wedding themes

wedding album themes

If you want a theme that is going to let you create a wonderful wedding album for all of your friends and family to see, this is where you can find it. Creating a wedding album online and posting all of your beautiful wedding photos for presenting them to your beloved ones is very easy with the right theme or template. Browse through this category to find the exact theme you are looking for!
  • 5 Facebook wedding album page templates
  • 6 HTML wedding album templates
  • 1 Joomla wedding album template
  • 13 WordPress wedding album themes

wedding invitation themes

If you want to break out from the ordinary wedding invite cliché and create a gorgeous wedding invitation online, this is the right category for you. These themes include all the right options you are going to need with great RSVP forms and enough content space for you to announce each and every detail about your wedding and have your visitors thoroughly informed so they know exactly what to expect. Pick the one that fits your needs and enjoy your unique, attractive wedding invitation!
  • 17 HTML wedding invitation templates
  • 7 WordPress wedding invitation themes

wedding photography themes

Professional wedding photographers are going to be happy to know we have a separate category for them. You can find wonderful themes for your wedding photography website here. They were developed carefully with one thing in mind: representing your business and showcasing your word in the best possible way. A great looking website is going to help you gather many new customers and we have the right themes to help you do it. With these gorgeous templates you can highlight your best work as a wedding photographer and let your potential customers see what a wonderful job you can do for their wedding.
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  • 13 WordPress wedding photography themes

wedding planner themes

This category is reserved for wedding organization professionals who need the right theme to represent their business online. If you need a wedding planner website or you want to advertise your wedding venue, or maybe you are a wedding cake creator, or you run a store for wedding dresses and accessories, we have all these niches covered and this is where you can find the right templates for your website. Not only do they look great, these themes also function perfectly and their main role is presenting all the elements of your business in the best way possible.
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  • 4 Facebook wedding planner page templates
  • 3 HTML wedding planner templates
  • 9 Joomla wedding planner templates
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