WeddingThemes101 is a custom created website that features many individually built pages, a great rating system and a very detailed theme filter. Everything about our website will be described to you on this page so you can easily find your way around and use each section without any problems.

main menu (on top)

Two menus are featured in our website’s main navigation. The first menu is a small one, and it navigates directly to exactly 3 pages: The about page, the blog and the help page (that would be the one you are at right now). The second menu presented is the main menu of the website and it leads to five different sections: theme categories, software categories, theme developers, coupons & discounts and more niches. Now, let’s explain each of these sections and their content:

theme categoriestheme categories

This is where you can select a certain category out of five theme categories: personal wedding, wedding album, wedding invitation, wedding photography and wedding planner. This option was added so you can quickly get to the theme niche you are searching for. If you are, for example a wedding planner and you need a theme for your business specifically, there is no need to run through a bunch of personal wedding themes that don’t interest you until you get to the ones you came here for in the first place. By selecting a certain subcategory, all the themes that go under that category are displayed, clean and simple.

software categoriessoftware categories

If you have favorite software you want to build your website on, the selection of themes by software type is available too, and they are all sorted out by 5 different categories: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML and Facebook. We strive to make everything as easy as possible for you, so you won’t get into a situation where you look for a theme for WordPress, and have to browse through numerous Drupal or Joomla themes until you get to WordPress. Selecting a certain software type opens op and lists all the themes created for that specific software.

theme developerstheme developers

Maybe you have a favorite theme developer you want to purchase your theme from! Why bother checking out other people’s work if you can simply choose your favorite developer and instantly have all their themes listed for you, without other developer’s products interfering.

coupons & discountscoupons & discounts

Some of the themes have special discounts and coupons included and you will be able to check out all the themes that have any kind of discount on one page. On the other hand, if a theme features certain discounts, this will also be mentioned on the individual theme page.

more nichesmore niches

WeddingThemes101 is not the only theme niche website we’ve created. There are many more to come, and you can check out the existing ones on the “more niches” page where each of them will be presented and explained.

individual theme details

Each of the themes we feature here at WeddingThemes101 has its own individual page. Each of these pages contains detailed info about the theme. When you open up an individual theme page, the top of it is going to show screenshots of every single page that theme features. The screenshots can be browsed through with left and right arrows, and you can also enlarge each screenshot by clicking on it. A 5 star rating system is featured under the screenshots and with it, you will be able to rate each theme if you want to. More info on the rating system we feature is available in the following paragraph.

Under the screenshots and rating system, you will see a tab that contains a written theme description. All the important options and features of the theme are going to be explained here. All the important theme details are going to be listed in a separate tab, and you will also be able to see a live demo of the theme here, or get redirected to the themes’ official website.

Four different columns are featured in the next tab: features, colors, styles and navigation. The “features” column contains all the themes’ important features listed for you to check out, and the column named “colors” lets you see which theme color schemes and variations are available. Some themes offer several various styles you can choose from, and the next column named “styles” is where you can find all the styles available for that theme. The “navigation” column shows where on the screen menus can be found within the theme. The filtering system paragraph is going to explain more about all possible values when it comes to features, styles, colors and navigation, so read on.

If a theme comes with a coupon code, this is going to be mentioned in the next (third) tab. This is where you can see how much of a discount is offered, which licenses it is valid for, and the date of discount expiration.

On the top of the screenshots and right below the tab we’ve added navigation so after checking one theme out you can easily browse further without having to go back to the homepage.

rating system

individual theme ratingA 1-5 star based rating system is featured here at WeddingThemes101. It is placed on each individual theme page and all users are welcome to rate each theme. The average rating result and the total number of votes is going to be displayed.

developer ratingsThese same votes are also used to determine each theme developer’s rating and it can also be seen on every individual theme developer page. This will be the average rating of that specific developer based on ratings of all the themes made by that developer.

filtering system

The most unique feature of WeddingThemes101 is our filtering system. It lets you get very, very specific with the values you ask for in a theme, and it helps you find a theme that meets all your needs and fills all the criteria you select, and many criteria are featured.

different windows at filterThe filter is placed on the homepage, but also at the individual theme category, developer pages and software category. A filter widget can be found in the first column on the left side of the page. Columns 2-3-4 display small theme windows. There is a window for each theme containing a screenshot of the theme’s homepage, its title, price and small description and the average theme rating. In case a theme is responsive, this will be presented as well in a form of an icon of a mobile phone in the left bottom. The software type can easily be distinguished as well, and we’ve done this by placing an icon to the right top. These icons display the WordPress, HTML, Drupal, Facebook or Joomla logo. Also, each software type has its own color so you can distinguish them by the window color as well.

We’ve added many various sorting and filter widgets to our website, and you will learn more about them in the paragraphs below. A reset button is placed at the right top of each widget and it resets the widget back to its original state with no values selected. One more important thing, all the values you select are going to be remembered as you browse through all the pages using the pagination at the bottom.

filter: sort themessort themes

This is where you can sort out the themes based on average rating, theme release date, by theme name alphabetically and by its price (you can choose to start with lowest or highest).

filter byfilter by

A sophisticated range filter is featured and it lets you filter the themes based on average rating. You can easily choose to display only themes that have a 4 star rating the least, and you can choose the number of themes displayed by page, with 15 themes displayed by default on the homepage.

filter: software typesoftware type

Here you can filter the themes and templates based on their software type Drupal themes, Facebook page templates, HTML templates, Joomla templates and WordPress themes). You can select multiple types of software.

filter: software licensesoftware licence

If you are determined to purchase a theme licensed according the GNU General Public License (GPL) you can select two options here: 100% GPL license or non-GPL license. More information about the GNU GPL license can be found on this link.

filter: theme categorytheme category

Here you can choose between 5 different theme categories, as listed below:

  • personal wedding
  • wedding album
  • wedding invitation
  • wedding photography
  • wedding planner

You can select multiple theme categories as well.

filter: developer namedeveloper name

A certain brand can be selected here, and this will display all the themes coming from a certain developer of your choice. You can also select multiple developers if you wish to.

filter: featuresfeatures

Any characteristic of a wedding website can be selected here. Multiple features can of course be selected. They are all listed below:

  • blog – is a blog page available?
  • Bootstrap powered – is the theme Bootstrap powered?
  • calendar – does it come with a calendar included?
  • contact form – is a contact form featured?
  • countdown timer – does the theme include a countdown timer?
  • events integration – does it have events integrated and featured?
  • Facebook integration – is Facebook integration available?
  • Facebook page template – Does it come with a Facebook page template?
  • Flickr Integration – is Flickr integrated within the theme?
  • fullscreen background slider – does the theme feature a full screen slider in the background?
  • gallery page – is there a separate gallery page?
  • gift registry – does the theme have a gift registry?
  • Google Fonts – are Google fonts supported?
  • Google Maps – is Google Maps integrated in the theme?
  • Google+ integration – Does the theme feature Google + integration?
  • guestbook – Is there a guestbook included?
  • homepage slider – does the theme have a slider on the homepage?
  • invitation – is there a wedding invitation featured?
  • music player – does the theme feature a music player?
  • newsletter integration – does it come with newsletter integration?
  • one-page theme – is it a one-page theme or template?
  • password protection – is password protection featured to protect photo albums?
  • Pinterest integration – does the theme feature Pinterest integration?
  • PSD files included – are PSD files included?
  • responsive layout – does it have a responsive layout?
  • RSVP management – does the theme come with a RSVP form?
  • search – can you search within the website?
  • SEO optimized – is the theme search engine optimized?
  • story sharing – can you share your love story within the theme?
  • team page – can you add a team page (for wedding planners)?
  • testimonials – can you add testimonials and display them?
  • translation ready – is the theme ready for translation into any language?
  • Twitter integration – does it feature Twitter integration?
  • video player – is a video media player included?
  • weather conditions – can you show the weather conditions during the wedding?

filter: theme colorstheme colors

In case you have a favorite color you’d like to prevail on your website, this is where you can select your desired colors. The colors available are:

  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • cream
  • green
  • grey
  • orange
  • pick your own color
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • white
  • yellow

There is a “pick your own color” value included, and all the themes that give you the ability of choosing any color will be listed here. You can also select multiple colors if you wish to.

filter: theme stylestheme styles

This is where you can pick your favorite style and find a theme or template that fits your wedding website perfectly. It is possible to select multiple theme styles. The featured styles are:

  • artistic – themes with an interesting artistic touch and feel
  • dark – themes that come with dark layouts
  • elegant – stylish, elegant themes that meet each sophisticated taste
  • light – themes that come with light layout
  • minimalist – themes with clean, minimalistic design
  • modern – modern themes with interesting design
  • neutral – themes that fit any kind of a wedding website, with no specific style category
  • retro/vintage – old fashioned themes with nice, retro design
  • trendy – fun, colorful themes with a nice, trendy design.

filter: theme navigationtheme navigation

Here you can select the position of the menu navigation you want on your theme. 3 values are featured: footer, side and top.