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    WeeDay is a HTML wedding invitation template created by Aleluja, and it is featured at ThemeForest.

    This is a very elegant, stylish one page template with a timeline. At the top of the template, your names will be written as a beautiful headline, and you can have your big day announcement here.

    The background of the template is gorgeous, with many shades of violet combined. The first section is reserved for you two to tell your visitors a little something about each of you and introduce yourselves properly to everyone. You can place your photos here, too.

    Each section will be divided from the next one with a nice splitter with a small heart in the middle of it. The following section will be your timeline and you can post anything you want here. It is a nice way of displaying how you two met, when the first kiss occurred, how the proposal happened etc.

    There is a gorgeous photo gallery featured and you can place many great photos of you two here and display them to your friends and family. They will be displayed in a slider form with resized images, and after clicking on each, a big photo appears.

    Your wedding location and all the useful info regarding your wedding location, date and time can be displayed in the next section. You will be able to display information on the ceremony, party and even info on your honeymoon destination. Photos can be displayed too, so people know exactly what to expect.

    A nice gift registry is featured and you can link all of your favorite stores here so your guests know exactly where to get that awesome present for you. At the end of the template, a simple contact form is added so everyone can easily message you right there on your website.

    WeeDay is a complete wedding HTML template for young, modern couples who want more than just a plain wedding invitation card for their loved ones. You will present the most important day in your life in a wonderful manner everyone is going to be amazed by.

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