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    If you want to have the perfect invitations for your wedding, why not create a whole website for the occasion? All you need is a WordPress wedding invitation theme, your two bare hands and a computer, and you will be able to create it all by yourself! Wedding Invite is surely a theme worth checking out. It was created by Segen and it’s featured at ThemeForest.

    This is a very nice looking, modern theme and it is super easy to customize. It is a one-page theme that includes all the details any great, original invitation website should have. Beautiful pastel colors and nice patterns are featured, making the whole theme look very classy and extraordinary, while placing your wedding in the spotlight.

    The very top of the page is where you can place photos of you two lovebirds and if each of these photos is hovered, an “about” section appears. This is where you can introduce yourselves to your visitors and each of you can tell them all about his/her side of the romantic love story you’re living.

    Right under this section is a place where you can set the exact time and date of your wedding, along with directions. If you click the “get directions” link, a map opens up with your wedding destination marked. The gallery is placed in the next section, and your photos will be shown in an attractive slider so make sure you place the most beautiful photos you have for everyone to see.

    A nice contact form is added for your visitors to be able to contact you quickly and easily, and the contact form itself looks very pretty and romantic. You are going to love it, and so will your visitors! This theme also features a blog section, where you can present many interesting posts for your friends and family to check out and make them realize just how special your love is, without making anything look cheesy or too much.

    If you want your perfect wedding invitation for WordPress, look no further, this theme delivers everything you will ever need. Wedding Invite is also available in a HTML version

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