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  • nameWedding Album

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    release dateApril 2012

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    Wedding Album is a professionally designed WordPress wedding theme by ThemeMakers featured on ThemeForest. This theme has a very simple and compact layout designed to put your website content in the spotlight, so you can present your romantic love story to your visitors in a nice, classy way.

    This theme can also be used as a highly professional WordPress photography theme, for professional photographers and modern artists who want to share their art with people. The combination of colors in this theme design is simply amazing, and the simple elegant layout will allow your visitors to pay full attention to your website and browse it with ease.

    Each part of the theme is customizable and you can adjust each section to your personal taste so you can easily meet your needs and treat yourself with the perfect website you always wanted and needed.

    The image galleries have a nice, elegant output with the ability of adding videos in slides so you can be sure your visitors will be impressed and very satisfied with your website.

    Wedding Album is cross browser compatible so you won’t have to worry about your website looking funky no matter which browser it is accessed from. The homepage of the theme has a music player built in so you can have pleasant background music following your website and help leaving a great impression of a stylish, comfortable place to be at to your visitors while they are enjoying your artwork, or your romantic love story.

    The whole website will be password protected, and this also goes for gallery pages. There are 3 different sliders featured in this theme: Nivo Slider, supersized gallery and thumbnail gallery so you can be sure your guests will be impressed and they will enjoy browsing your website.

    Wedding Album can be used for various website, no matter if you are a professional artist and want to present your work online, or if you want to surprise your spouse/fiancée, with a nice looking website dedicated to your love. You can even use it to surprise your parents/grandparents with a nice website as a gift for their anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc.

  • features colors styles navigation
    • blog
    • contact form
    • Flickr Integration
    • fullscreen background slider
    • gallery page
    • Google Maps
    • music player
    • password protection
    • PSD files included
    • translation ready
    • video player
    • black
    • white
    • dark
    • light
    • minimalist