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    Union is a very pretty HTML responsive wedding template created by Craig800 and featured at ThemeForest. It contains many nice options and sweet details.

    This is a one-page template with a jQuery scroll effect. It features a very elegant, unique layout specifically created for wedding websites. You will see two beautiful full screen photos in the background as you scroll down, giving the whole layout a very interesting look and feel.

    The first section is there for you to introduce your loved ones to your beautiful love story. You can write whatever you want and go into detail to present the romantic fairy tale you are living with your future spouse.

    The next section contains a nice fading, almost transparent box where you can post the location details of your wedding ceremony and party. If they click “click for a map”, your visitors will be taken to a map where they can see the exact location and figure out the quickest way to get there. Right underneath you can help your guests from out of town by posting info about accommodation in your city along with photos and addresses.

    This template features a beautiful wedding album powered by lightbox, allowing you to display your gorgeous wedding photos. The photos will be shown in a resized mode, and after clicking each of them a full size photo opens up. A very simple RSVP form is added, and your guests will be able to tell you if they are coming to the wedding, and they will also be able to check food preferences if they have any dietary requirements.

    Union is a responsive wedding website template for HTML5 and as such, it guarantees your website is going to look perfect regardless of the device used for viewing. Every element of the layout is going to automatically adapt to any given screen size or resolution. The template is very easy to setup and run and you won’t have problems doing it all by yourself.

  • features colors styles navigation
    • countdown timer
    • gallery page
    • Google Fonts
    • Google Maps
    • one page theme
    • responsive layout
    • RSVP management
    • story sharing
    • grey
    • pink
    • elegant
    • light