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    release dateApril 2013

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    Navigator created this romantic HTML wedding invitation template that is featured at ThemeForest. Lavender looks very stylish and pretty, and it contains many nice options.

    Lavender lets you customize the look of the layout to suit your needs. There are 9 colors to choose from, and 9 background patterns. You can also choose between having a wide or boxed layout. Customizing is very easy, and you don’t have to be a web design expert in order to setup your theme and make it look just the way you want to.

    This is a one-page template and in all its simplicity it actually features all the great options a wedding website should have. It looks very nice and romantic and it is jQuery powered with nice page animations included as well as subtle interactivity.

    The photo gallery is beautiful and it allows you to create various photo albums and show your wedding day in detail to your friends and family. You can also make your high resolution wedding photos downloadable directly from your website, and everyone is going to love the possibility of getting all the photos in such an easy manner.

    You can present your wedding location and post photos of the place, along with exact info on the location. Helping your guests get the accommodation they need is always a plus, and this template allows you to present several hotels or other accommodation services you find useful to your guests.

    In case you have preferences when it comes to gifts, you will be able to state them on your website, and for all those guests who want to leave “cash gifts”, a “donate via PayPal” button is added, so all it takes are just few clicks, and the gift is on your PayPal account!

    This is a fully responsive wedding invitation for HTML, therefor you can be sure your website is going to look pixel perfect regardless of the device used for viewing. There is also a nice social integration featured, giving you endless sharing possibilities all around the most popular social networks.

  • features colors styles navigation
    • events integration
    • gallery page
    • gift registry
    • Google Fonts
    • one page theme
    • PSD files included
    • responsive layout
    • RSVP management
    • blue
    • green
    • grey
    • orange
    • pink
    • purple
    • red
    • dark
    • light
    • minimalist
    • modern