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    A nice WordPress wedding theme that is great for websites created solely for blogging is Weddings Webblog. This theme was featured at the TemplateMonster theme marketplace. It is a very simple design, but the layout is idyllic for discussing wedding related topics.

    The red and pink layout with champagne glasses and roses makes an incredibly romantic setting perfect for couples about to get married. The background holds the navigation information. It is divided up into categories, archives, and links to other information about the bride and groom.

    In front of the background is one simple pink box with a small red search box on top of it. The pink box has room for a photo. Underneath that is the newest blog posts added to each category. In order for a guest to see more posts from a specific category they simply have to click on it.

    Besides the photo in the header of the pink box, the couple can upload photos for each specific post. There is also a photo gallery available for posting numerous photos at a time. Guests can comment on the photos or any of the blog posts.

    Weddings Webblog is just what the name implies it to be. It is a simple blog that even those venturing into the blogging world for the first time will have no problems figuring out. The loving and simple design makes it a great wedding theme for WordPress. Best of all it sticks directly to the point of blogging and does not have excess clutter that can easily confuse visitors to the site.

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