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  • nameWedding Planner
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    release dateApril 2012

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    Wedding Planner is a WordPress theme for wedding planners developed by Delta and featured on Template Monster. The theme has a simple, elegant black & brown design with few, but very interesting details. It has a unique layout and if you want to present your wedding plans in a nice, stylish way, you might want to consider this theme.

    Giving the world a look into the biggest day of your life can be a bit challenging, simply because, well – we would all like to do it, but we don’t actually know how to do it in a tasty way.

    This theme comes to salvation by giving you the possibility of creating a beautiful wedding website which will be enjoyable and attractive to any visitor. Your guests won’t stumble all around the website not knowing where to click or how to find their way around. Everything they need is right there on the homepage.

    The homepage features one single precious photo that represents your special day, and with its minimalistic, simple design, this theme will draw all the attention to the content you add to it, no matter if it’s your wedding plans, your wedding photographs, or your blog posts where you can share your love story any way you want to. You can manage your blog posts and present your wedding album just the way you would like to do it.

    Setting up the theme is easy, you will probably be able to do it yourself, but if you want to have the whole website setup for you, you have this choice too when purchasing. There are several ways of purchasing this theme, and some of them include full installation and/or hosting, plus several customization services you can choose from, in case you would like to give the theme a bit of your own twist and make it even more personal.

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