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    Wedding Blog featured at Template Monster is a simple but effective WordPress wedding theme. This theme has been styled to let either a couple or just the bride or groom individually discuss their upcoming wedding and all of the events beforehand. It is simple and lovingly designed to create a fantastic wedding atmosphere.

    The soft purple and pinks give this theme an excellent wedding vibe. The header with wedding shoes and white flowers definitely incorporates that feeling. The dark pink navigation bars blend perfectly with the background and still help to keep this theme organized.

    The couple can add pages to the header bar; however, below that is two columns, and the column to the right is divided up into categories and archives to help with better navigation. They will also have an incorporated about me, FAQ, support, and contacts page added.

    The couple can design each page as they would like. An idea is to organize the home page into the most recent blogs available. Photos can be uploaded to any and all pages.

    This wedding theme is great for a couple that wants a blog to be sleek and minimal but still provide a great home for their wedding posts. Template Monster is great at delivering themes that make the basics look top notch. Wedding Blog #4 is no exception to this WordPress wedding theme philosophy.

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