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    Template Monster’s Wedding Blog is a minimalist WordPress wedding theme blog. It is perfect for couples that simply want to share their thoughts about one another and their upcoming nuptials with the world. They can categorize each post however they like into this neat and compact theme.

    The layout of the theme is nice. The couple can upload a photo into the header along with a logo. Underneath this large box are two columns. The column to the left is for navigating the site and the column to the right shows the blog posts in the category they have chosen. The home page shows the most recent blog posts under each category.

    Photos can be uploaded with each blog post. This gives plenty of room for showing off pictures of the events before the wedding and of the couple. There is also a photo gallery for uploading as many pictures as the couple would like.

    Guests can easily navigate the couple’s website with this theme. They can search either by using the category section, the archives, or the search bar. It is designed to be as easy as possible.

    When a couple wants a simple blog to share their thoughts, memories, and event updates with friends, family, and other guests, they should choose Wedding Blog #3. There are no extra strings and whistles included with this theme. It is for those who like the simple things in life, and there is nothing wrong with that when looking for a WordPress wedding theme.

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