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  • nameWedding Album
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    release dateSeptember 2012

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    Wedding Album is a WordPress wedding theme created by Delta and featured on Template Monster. This theme has been created and optimized specifically for wedding albums. If you want to share your love story with your visitors and present the happiest moments of your life in a nice, stylish way, this theme is the right one for you.

    The theme is very simple, with a pretty homepage with a huge background photo in the spotlight and a nice widgetized menu at the bottom. Everything looks simple yet beautiful. Your wedding photos will be in the center of attention and you will have a beautiful website where all your precious memories are kept forever so you can show them to everyone and have them stored online in a delightful way.

    Sharing the best moments in your life should be done with style and it should be easy for anyone to create their own wedding album online, and this is exactly what this theme offers. Setting the theme up is very easy, but just in case you need directions, you will have setup instructions attached, so you won’t get confused. It will only take several minutes to build and setup your whole wedding website, all you need to do is add a bit of your own touch by adding your own content, and adding any widgets you might want to add.

    There are several ways of purchasing this theme, whether you want the single theme license only, or you want the template + translation + hosting where you can have the theme developers to setup everything for you and include a hosting plan 100% compatible with the theme, or you only want the theme and installation completed for you – you can choose whichever way suits you best. Either way, you will have your beautiful wedding site up and running in no time. Both you and your visitors will be thrilled by it.

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