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Wedding Album theme review

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  • nameWedding Album
    developerDX Themes

    categorieswedding album, wedding photography

    pricestarting at $14
    license100% GPL license
    release dateFebruary 2012

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    If you are looking for a romantic, unusual way of presenting the biggest day of your life online, or you need a theme for you photography portfolio, you should check out Wedding Album. It is a beautiful WordPress wedding album theme developed by DX Themes.

    The front page of this theme features a full screen slider, where you can place your most noticeable photos and make them the center of attention. Pretty fonts were used for this layout, and they come in nice, romantic shades of pink. Wedding Album was created specifically to be used as a WordPress wedding photography theme and it features all the right tools for creating a great website very quickly and easily.

    One of the best features is the password protected gallery for online photo proofing. Your photographs are safe here, which is very important in case you are a wedding photographer and you need your work to be protected at all times. Not only can you add photos, you can also add videos from your wedding, or videos from your photo-shoots thanks to the great YouTube and Vimeo video integration tools included. There is a news section included also, and this is where you can blog all you want and write various posts about your wedding plans, or you can tell your friends and family all about your sweet love story so they all know just how spectacular your spouse is. In case you are a photographer, this is a great way of keeping people updated with your latest plans and projects.

    There is a contact page included as well, and it features Google Maps integration allowing you to place a map on which you can pin the location of your wedding, or your photo studio. A nice and simple contact form is also included, so everyone can message you easily and quickly. Social network buttons were added for you to be able to share your content on all of the most popular social networks. This theme includes setup video tutorials and it is extremely easy to use.

  • features colors styles navigation
    • blog
    • contact form
    • fullscreen background slider
    • gallery page
    • Google Maps
    • password protection
    • video player
    • pink
    • dark
    • light
    • modern