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So, the best day of your life is approaching and you need to create a website that is going to help you represent it to all of your friends and family? Or maybe you want to create a wedding invitation and launch it online so you can invite all of your beloved ones in a nice, creative way. Then again, you might be a wedding photographer who wants a great portfolio for his work, or maybe you are a wedding planner, a bakery that makes wedding cakes, a store that sells wedding dresses and accessories… Either way, you are going to need a proper wedding website. This website should reflect all the romance and happiness that float around any wedding, or wedding related business. So what do you need? A wedding theme of course!

Now, finding a theme that meets all your needs and presents your website just the way you want it to might seem like an easy job, but the truth is, until now, you’d had to spend hours, maybe even days searching all over the internet for a theme. I said “until now”, because, guess what? This website exists so it will help you find your theme! We are going to help you escape spending endless hours of research online because we have all the best wedding themes gathered right here!

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I know what you’re going to say: “But there are dozens of websites out there that offer wedding themes!” But think again, are there really? Mostly, what you will get is a list of 15, 20 wedding themes, each of them described in few lines, and screenshots of the theme’s homepage attached. Is this enough for you to choose your theme? I think not. There are so many values you would like your theme to have, aren’t there? So how are you going to find one that has it all? Now that’s a lot of questions, I almost confused myself, I can only imagine how clueless you are not knowing what I know 😉

What I know is: WeddingThemes101 is a website dedicated to wedding themes solely. That’s right, we’ve spent not hours, not days, but MONTHS searching for the best wedding themes, picking up the quality ones, checking each and every theme to detail, describing them all, taking screenshots of not just the theme’s homepage but those of ALL theme pages, creating an extremely powerful filtering system for you to use, and presenting it all to you.

We feature a wide variety of themes from various theme developers, built for various software platforms. This way, you can find WordPress wedding themes, Joomla wedding templates, Drupal wedding themes, HTML wedding templates and Facebook page templates on our website. If you think you’re going to get confused with all these theme software, developers, and many theme types, fear no more because our amazing filtering system lets you choose which value you want to, and there are so many categories you can choose from, you don’t have to miss anything!

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You can choose your theme based on many criteria, including: software type, license, theme type (private wedding, wedding photography, wedding planner, wedding invitations, etc.), theme developer, theme features, theme colors, theme styles and theme navigation. You can find a full list of these features on our help page and in the filter itself placed on the homepage.

We’re the first, one and only website dedicated to wedding themes alone, and we are the only one with this large amount of wedding themes available. No matter if you are in a wedding related business of some sort, or you simply want a wedding site for your own personal wedding day, we have them all right here for you to check out and choose the perfect one!